If you aren't following along on my Instagram or Facebook, you're missing my World Series sketches of one of my favorite Disney characters dressed up in Kansas City Royals swag.  With the long layover between the end of the Championship Series, and the start of the World Series, I drew a disheartened Rapunzel waiting for the games to start.  I had a lot of requests to keep going so I've done a sketch every day since the start.  So here's a dump of all 7 sketches of Royals Rapunzel!
Game 1 - Royals Rapunzel is awfully tired of waiting for the World Series to start.

Game 2 - Royals Rapunzel is just a little excited, don't ya think?

Break 1 - Royals Rapunzel clearly has her favorites!!!

Game 3 - Royals Rapunzel takes a selfie!!

Game 4 - Royals Rapunzel thinks this might be the year!

Game 5 - Royals Rapunzel takes out her frustration!!!!

Break 2 - Royals Rapunzel gest her pre-game sugar rush on!!!


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