Having issues?  Don't we all.  Here are some that we've got an answer for.

Open editions are prints produced without a predetermined number of copies that must be made.
Limited editions are prints with a set number of prints to be created. Once a limited edition sells out, it is closed forever and will never be printed again. The limited number of prints makes the artwork more collectable due to it's scarcity. All limited prints are numbered, embossed and signed by the artist.
There are two types of prints on the website.  
Art posters only come in 11"x17" and are printed on matted poster paper.  
Art prints are created on a giclée art printer using pigment-based archival ink that is rated to last 100 years and resilient to direct sunlight.. We print on 300gsm archival fine art paper that is museum grade.
My minimalist baseball artwork is licensed by the Major League Baseball Properties and approved by the Major League Baseball and their teams.  
This happens occasionally and it sucks. If your prints are damaged during shipping we are happy to replace the print free of charge. But first contact me RIGHT away! Please take several photographs of the damaged print and the damaged packaging and email them to the address on your confirmation email. If you lose your confirmation email, you can contact us using our contact page. Please note, if you damaged the print on your own, we cannot replace your print. But I can offer a discount code to help replace the print.
Yes, of course if you're not happy with the artwork, so long as you contact me within 14 days and I'll be happy to refund you after you return the artwork. Please read our return policy to find out exactly how this is done.
I'm a small business operated by an independent artist. I believe art should never be on sale! I committed to producing high quality art so our range of editions (both open and limited) offers options for various budgets.  If you want any discounts, they will only be offered on my VIP list.  You can subscribe for free here.
Yes, but we are very selective on the charities we support. Our targeted charities are focused on sports-related organizations that are focused on local community growth. Please contact us about your organization and your proposal on the usage of our artwork. We will do our best to accommodate your request if it matches our charitable objectives
It's complicated.  I draw them just for fun, and to share the love with sports fans.  Yes, these illustrations fall under "Parody Law" or "Fan Art", as a licensed MLB artist, I decided to not make print of the Ballpark Princess art for sale.  
If you want a sports venue or any other building minimized in my style, please don't hesitate to contact me. I do not take commissions but take requests. It's often a matter of time and commercial appeal that is the deciding factor.
It's rare, but I take commissions to draw a ballpark princess once or twice a year.  Again, please sign up to my newletter for access to my princess commissions.