Do you own a store or retail location and want to sell my minimalist artwork? We think that's a great idea!  Regardless if you're a framing shop, art gallery, restaurant or gift shop, sports fans are everywhere and they are always gravitate to my art.  It's a fantastic conversation piece and you'll be guaranteed foot traffic displaying my artwork.

If you are interested in receiving a wholesale price sheet from us, please email at ohai@sprestondesigns.com and provide us with the following information:

  • Store Name
  • Your Name and Job Title
  • Your Phone Number
  • Store City/State
  • Bricks and Mortar/Online/Distributor/Rep


There's a spot on your wall, and you need something there!  My minimalist stadium art is located in several dining locations near many of the ballparks where fans tend to hang out before and after the game.  If you want to purchase framed artwork which will definitely draw a crowd, contact me and I can arrange a special deal to get something up on the wall.  Some of our sports bar and restaurant clients even have been successful selling framed prints right from the store!