Ballpark Princess Giveaway - Quarantine Edition

Since there are no sports events, I'm bring my #BallparkPrincess giveaways online.

May of you know of the #BallparkPrincess giveaway I do at the ballpark but now that there's no games, I want to find a way to use my princess sketches to cheer up your day. Not to mention I'm self-quarantined for the next little while so I think it's a good time to let you claim a sketch online!

To be eligible to claim a #BallparkPrincess please enter your phone number and I will pick winners randomly from the list of subscribers.  I will try to pick a new winner ever two or three days so you will have multiple chances to claim an original princess sketch from me.

  • The winner will be notified via text to reach out to me via social media.
  • Winner will have the option to pick their princess and team.
  • Your number will not be shared but will saved for an major Princess-related art releases by me.
  • Videos and images of the claimed artwork will be available on instagram.
  • Contest open to US and Canada residents. Free shipping.
  • Winners will be listed here.