It's the traditional baseball scene - a father playing catch with his son.  I'm not a father, but even I've imagined it.

So how does a father share the sport they love so much with a daughter that he loves more than anything?  For fathers that are baseball fans, it's significantly more difficult to bond when you have a little girl.

Sports and art naturally appeals to the female audience, and a large number of my fans and customers are women.  So naturally I knew that the ladies would love my Ballpark Princess series.  But I never expected the reaction I would get from fathers who immediately connected their favorite sport with their daughter's favorite cartoon character.  I'll let Craig (@CMSFGiants) explain what this means to his daughter...

From the time I found out I was having a daughter, I began thinking about how I would teach her the game of baseball.  One of the first words out of her mouth was, “Giants!” and by the age of two she was doing the “Let’s go Giants,” *clap* *clap* *clap* chant.  As she gets older, it’s always a fine balance between sharing my interests with her and staying involved in what interests her.  I have definitely sung my fair share of Frozen and Equestria Girl songs.  When I saw S. Preston’s work, I saw a great opportunity to blend one of my interests and one of my daughter’s; Elsa in a Giants uniform.  I’m excited to see her reaction when she looks at the image for the first time and look forward to growing in interests in Giants baseball. - Craig


If you have a unique story of love and baseball, don't hesitate to email me.  There's aways some art involved :)





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