Field of Dreams is one of the greatest baseball movies, period.  A friend once told me that everything in life can be explained in baseball and this move encapsulates that ideal.

Couple years ago, my father passed away.  I wasn't an artist back then, and I never drew or sketch a thing since I was a teenager.  So, I can safely say he has never seen any artwork I've ever created.  As any parent, I think he would have been happy to see this new career unfold.  He wasn't a baseball fan, but a played tennis every day of his life and that is that thing we shared.  I've smashed backhands and forehands for hours with him growing up.  We always had tennis in common.

I watched Field of Dreams just a little while ago, and it definitely hit me at a different level than before.  There's so much that we share between parent and child, and between siblings and between friends.  I honestly have kept a tennis racket in my back trunk of my every day since my father passed.  It's a reminder for me of all those moments we shared on the court, and what I plan to accomplish as an artist.

I also must visit Iowa.


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