It's been over a month, yes it has!  It is hard to capture all the emotions I've felt for those 5 days in Minneapolis, but the best way is to spurt out, "Thank you!!!".

Though I'm not a new kid on the block when it comes to graphic design, it's only been a couple months since I really started labelling myself as an 'artist'.  The experience starting from uploading my first design on Tumblr a year ago has been a strange and fortunate genesis of me and my love for clean design and baseball.  An artist is that guy who stands behind an easel and paints landscapes or portraits with technical grace.  An artist is the guy that draws those amazing comic books that I would line up to meet at Comic-Con to just get a photograph and a signature.  Me?  No.  I was just a gym-rat that tried every sport and doodled on the side of my notes in school. 

Why FanFest at All-Star weekend was so special to me was that this was the first time I actually saw people and their reactions to my designs. You see, I've only launched my designs online, and yes the reception has been amazing, but I never get to actually SEE the reaction.  "So cool!", "So awesome!", "This is amazing!" was pretty much what I heard hundreds of times every day. (That's So Cool!) 

And out of all the stadiums that have my artwork on display, it happens to be Target Field!  How about that for stars aligning?  Twins fans would come shooting across the convention hall and shake my hand and tell me how much they adore my art display.  It never occurred to me that this was the first time that Twins fans were able to purchase the artwork they have seen all season as they attend a ballgame.  Ian and I keep saying we will always have a soft spot for Minnesota and down the road, we will call Minnesota the 'epi-center' for the growth of my art career.But so many of you wandered into my booth not seeing my art for the first time. Some of you brought your family and helped teach your children about each stadium and all the teams.  Some of you told stories to Ian, Alicia and I about your memories of attending various ballparks and your love for baseball. Some of you bought my art (score!!!) and had me sign your print.  And some of you took pictures with me by my art.  But all of you together have played a small part in pushing me towards a new and exciting life as a sports artist.  So I can only say thank you!


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